The warranty for my Qilive product?

The warranty period for Qilive products lasts a minimum of 2 years. The terms of product warranty are outlined in the booklet included in the original packaging.
You can return the defective product, together with any accessories sold with the product, and receipt, to any Auchan hypermarket in France. Maximum processing time for your request will be 30 days.
If the product was purchased from the internet, contact the relevant merchant site.

The quality of Qilive products?

Product quality is not a given; it needs to be tested! All our products are tested in independent laboratories to ensure they attain the highest levels of quality and reliability.

Qilive accessories?

Qilive products can be supplemented with accessories produced by Qilive and/or the Auchan brand (eg.: Auchan's styluses are completely compatible with the Qilive tablets. There are a variety of Qilive mounts designed for the Qilive sports camera (to help you during your everyday activities.)

Updates and operating instructions for my Qilive product

All updates and operating instructions for Qilive products are available on and can be downloaded from the relevant product information page.

What is Qilive?

Qilive is a brand that has been designed especially for consumers, to help them find the best product in relation to their needs. In short, Qilive products can be described as:

  • « Smart » - trendy products with an ergonomic design and easy to use technology.
  • « Quality » : reliable products. Qilive quality speaks for itself. Feel free to check it out.
  • « For You » :Qilive products contain the best technology at affordable prices.

Who is behind Qilive?

Qilive is the Auchan group “technology product” own brand.

Where can you buy Qilive products?

Qilive products are distributed exclusively through Auchan stores and Auchan group and partner websites. To find the nearest Qilive store, distribution point or website, go to the Where can you find our products? section.

Who manufactures Qilive products?

Qilive products must be up-to-date, reliable and accessible (both financially and technologically). Our manufacturing partners work with us to ensure our products meet these requirements.
We demand two things from our manufacturers:

  • In-depth technological expertise (in terms of performance, reliability, ergonomics, …) and the ability to innovate/move forwards.
  • Good industrial relations. Qilive conforms to Auchan Group commitments on the environment and industrial relations

We have established long-term partnerships with our manufacturers as we feel this is the only way to drive performance.

Who designs Qilive products?

We are lucky in that we deal with our clients personally and are a part of their purchasing experience, in stores and online. We have therefore been able to define their real needs without marketing hype. Our design and engineering teams work with our manufacturing partners to address their needs.